Creative Designer 

Raffaele Kim

 * Education

- Dong-A University School of Art (Valedictorian) 

- M.A., Konkuk University Graduate School of Architecture 

   (Interior Architecture, Magna Cum Laude) 

- M.A., Domus Academy (Italian design graduate school)

- Master Interior and Living Design (Distinction)

   / M.A., University of Wales School of Art and Design (Distinction)

* Professional Experience

- 2007 Researcher for Professor Kim Mun-deok 

 (Konkuk University)

- 2009 Freelance Designer

- 2009, 2010 Design Studio LAM (Torino, Italy)

- 2012-2016 Simon Micheli Architectural Hero 

  (head office in Florence, Italy)

- 2016 – Current CEO/Creative Designer, Simone Micheli Korea

- 2016 – Current Adjunct Professor, Dongseo University Department of Design

*  Awards and Exhibits

- 2005 Cheongju International Furniture Design Contest

- 2007 Special Award, Busan Industrial Design Awards

- 2008 Presented Dissertation at Interior Design Spring Academic Conference

- 2014 Received A Design Award

- 2016 Received Designer of the Year Award at the A Design Awards

- 2018 Special Overseas Designers Exhibit by Kyunghyang Housing: “Simone Micheli”

- 2018 Planned “Simone Micheli X Artside” for Artside Gallery

- 2019 Planned “Interior Connect Hall” for Home Table Deco Designer Exhibit



Kim Hyeon-beom, an interior architect and designer, expanded his experience and ideas while traveling around Europe. He began building his career at Torino, Milan, and Florence, the most vibrant cities in Italy. His experiences deepened while working with Simone Micheli, a master designer-architect with a presence in Italy, France, and other European countries. After Kim established his own studio in Italy in 2014, he continued to collaborate with Simone Micheli.


Kim’s talents became apparent as he provided high-end interior designs for boutique hotels and residence hotels. He entered into an official partnership with Simone Micheli in 2016 and moved his studio to Korea, becoming the CEO and creative designer of the Korean branch of Simone Micheli Architectural Hero. He is also an adjunct professor at a university, teaching future designers of Korea


Kim’s design language is based on his native background and long experience in Europe. It is characterized by the harmony of the East and West, as well as nature, in addition to spatial direction from flexible thinking, which culminate in a strong identity and originality. His professional activities are continuing to expand, from furniture design to interior design and architecture, visual design, communication, and branding.

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